New England Vacay: Day 7 – Homeward Bound at last

Thursday September 3, 2009

(I’m blogging about our New England Vacation.  You can use these links to catch up on Day 1 , Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5, and Day 6.  I’m sure you’re getting sick of it, but this is the last day!)

It was Saturday, our last day in Maine.   The plan was to not leave til evening, thereby maximizing our vacation time and minimizing the time our children could be awake and complaining in the car.

Since it was forecasting to be nice and sunny, we decided to squeeze in one last beach trip.   This time we hit  Ferry Beach, which was at the other end of Old Orchard Beach.  Miracle of miracles, we somehow were dressed and up early, so we actually got to the beach before 9 am.  It was looking foggy and gray, but we had the place to ourselves.


We decided to take a walk, explore the beach and watch the tide come in.



It was low tide when arrived so lots of bright green seaweed was exposed (I’m sure a better photographer/photoshopper could really make this shot pop).


The task of carrying the occasionally cranky toddler fell mostly to Daddy.


Tho momma took a turn too.


As you can see, it was very foggy, and very empty at the beach.


There is a great big ole log on the beach that was still there (I remember it well from last year).  I convinced my girl to take a jumping picture and it turned out great!


This picture is a perfect family portrait from the day – minus the momma who’s behind the camera.


Once we got back to our stuff, the sand castle making began in earnest again.


Adam contemplates deep thoughts.


The fog began to burn off and it was a turning into a beautiful day.


We were actually on the inlet to the Saco River, so there was no pesky surf to worry about.


Adam enjoyed some sandy grahams.


There are lots of hermit crabs in this area.  Last year, the kids were wigged out by them.  This year, Sam was braver.



He held the crab until it “tickled” him, at which point, he promptly dropped it back into it’s watery home.


Adam had fun in the water too.    Really, he did. 🙂


Finally, we had enough and called it a day.   We were back home by lunch, so we decided to adjust our travel plans and leave earlier.  We let Adam take his nap while we packed and the big kids played.  The goal was to leave around 3:30, so that we could get back to VA in the early morning hours and still catch some sleep.   We were sad to say good-bye to our good friends, the Myles (minus sleeping Dani).  It’s always great to see them and they do such a nice job of hosting.  Come visit us!


We got on the road around 3:45pm and drove for a couple of hours, before stopping at a Chipotle I scoped out before we left.


We ate a leisurely dinner, changed the kids into jammies, and put on an audio cd.   One by one the kids dropped off and we made great time getting home, arriving a little after 1am.   I highly recommend traveling on a Saturday evening — traffic was non-existent.

So, we arrived home, exhausted, but content.   We had Sunday to relax and recoup, because on Monday, we had another exciting adventure planned!

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2 Responses to New England Vacay: Day 7 – Homeward Bound at last

  1. 1
    Andy Rankin says:

    I like Mike’s visor!

  2. 2
    Karen says:

    You drove from Maine to VA in 1 day!!! With 3 kids!!! Kudos to you. It takes us one long day to drive through VA. Going from Gatlinburg TN to Rockville MD. Wow can’t wait to hear what your next adventure was.

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