Ever have one of those mornings?

Tuesday August 11, 2009

What a morning…

It started with hustling everyone out the door to make it to my 9:30 pilates class at the gym.   We got there with seconds to spare, and after I dropped the kids off in the child care room, I noticed the class starting was using steps, not yoga mats.   When I checked the board, I remembered that my class didn’t start til 10:30.  What to do?  I wasn’t wearing athletic footwear since I go barefoot in pilates, so I didn’t want to stay and workout.  Instead I decided that 50 minutes was enough time to knock out a few nearby errands.

I collected the three kiddos and headed over to Sears to take care of a Lands End return.    We pulled into the ominously empty parking lot at 9:45 and I realized they didn’t open until 10.   Dang!  Sitting in the car for 15 minutes wasn’t an option, so I figured we could squeeze in a quick Target run (ha! oxymoron if there ever was one).    I drove over, found a parking spot and started to collect my things.  It was then I realized I had forgotten my purse.

Oy vey.   This was not my day.  So, I drove back home, got my purse and gym shoes and headed back to the gym, with 10 minutes to spare until my class started for real.

An hour of pilates kicked my core, but I was feeling good again.  I decided to press my luck and take the kids shoe shopping, holding out lunch at Jason’s Deli as a reward.   Remarkably, the kids did very well through out this whole crazy morning, with nary a meltdown, from them or from me.

Onto lunch.  It went well, despite me forgetting the coupon that had enticed me there in the first place, despite the restaurant being crazy crowded, despite the toddler’s poopy diaper and his overzealous (manic) enthusiasm at the table.

We made it back to the car, and after everyone was buckled, I spent another five minutes searching for my sunglasses.   I finally gave up, concluding that  I must have left them in the restaurant, but it was too much work to return for them now.

As I put the key in the ignition and started to back-up, I touched my head and realized my sunglasses were still perched atop my head.

Sigh… I think I need a nap more than the kids right now.

So how was your day?

3 Responses to Ever have one of those mornings?

  1. 1

    Oh yes, I’ve had one of those days. Not today though. Although I did have a moment where I was trying to explain the tide schedule to Alexis and couldn’t think of a particular word….which turned out to be “moon”. So yeah, I might need a nap too.

  2. 2
    Renee says:

    Unfortunately I can relate!

  3. 3
    GRANDPA says:

    Good training for whats ahead in those later years. Been there and doing that–over and over.


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