Oops, she did it again

Tuesday August 4, 2009

Since we celebrated one of the high points of summer yesterday, it seems only fitting to share this low light today.

Question  (in the words and tone of Dr. Phil): “What was she thinking?”

Answer:  Bangs are in!

Wendy tearfully explained that she wanted bangs, a desire she has NEVER expressed to me before.  I reminded her that we could have gone to “Miss Annie’s” to get that taken care of.   The irony is, I have never wanted bangs on her because I think she is cuter without them and they require more maintenance.

Another irony: this happened around 5pm, right around the time I was lamenting that nothing photo-worthy had occurred today.

The poor girl is teary-eyed because I, regrettably, totally lost my cool and screamed at her.   My response was over-the-top and not very Christ-like.  I had to apologize.   I’m no longer worked up over it, but it still bums me out.   Partly because we’ve already experienced this “rite of passage” and I thought the lesson was learned.  Ah well, what can you say, today was less about love and more about consequences (see site tagline).  Hopefully, by tomorrow I’ll be ready to embrace the laughter…


3 Responses to Oops, she did it again

  1. 1
    Kristin says:

    Yeah,I’ve lost my cool about that too. Kloe came to me and proudly showed me what she had done when she did it.I lost it! As she just smiled. She never felt bad about it except when she had to sit in a chair to get it fixed. I feel bad for you both,but your reaction was pretty typical and normal. And this too shall pass and be the source of some laughs a few years from now!


  2. 2
    Monica says:

    Oh,bless your heart! I have to tell you this is my biggest fear since I have been told every girl does it at least once in their young life! I know it is so easy to just lose it because they know better, and have been tested a lot in that area this week with that. If it makes you feel any better, Amanda decided to “munch” on magnets this week so we took a little trip to the ER. It is amazing how magnets can still stick together even when inside an intestine. I am hoping to laugh about this one day but not there yet this week! Maybe we can laugh together eventually:) Don’t kids just keep us on our toes?

  3. 3
    Michele says:

    So sorry about the rough day. I hate those moments, too, when the Holy Spirit screams back at me for losing my cool at Evan. I’m so thankful that he’s so forgiving at this age.

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