Sam’ Race Car Party

Saturday June 27, 2009

Today was the long-awaited big day … The Race Car Party.  The kids were excited, and I felt fairly prepared.   With mucho helpo from the hubs, we transformed our backyard in to Pit Stop Central.  The centerpiece of our machinations was the BluTrack racetrack that Sam received as his main birthday gift from us.  We set it up outside and the dads kids had a great time racing cars on it.   I’ll post another entry shortly detailing the 411 on our race car party, but for now, enjoy the pictures.

PitPassSample2 copy.jpgmbhill_20090627_4365.JPGmbhill_20090627_4366.JPGIMG_0773.JPGmbhill_20090627_4352.JPGmbhill_20090627_4362.JPGmbhill_20090627_4369.JPGmbhill_20090627_4372.JPGmbhill_20090627_4376.JPGmbhill_20090627_4394.JPGmbhill_20090627_4396.JPGmbhill_20090627_4401.JPGmbhill_20090627_4402.JPGmbhill_20090627_4410.JPGmbhill_20090627_4418.JPGmbhill_20090627_4412.JPGmbhill_20090627_4414.JPGIMG_0777.JPGIMG_0779.JPGIMG_0780.JPGIMG_0783.JPGIMG_0784.JPGIMG_0787.JPGIMG_0789.JPGIMG_0797.JPGmbhill_20090627_4439.JPGmbhill_20090627_4441.JPGmbhill_20090627_4443.JPGmbhill_20090627_4444.JPGmbhill_20090627_4455.JPGmbhill_20090627_4461.JPGIMG_0798.JPGIMG_0801.JPGIMG_0804.JPGmbhill_20090627_4468.JPGIMG_0811.JPGIMG_0770.JPGIMG_0812.JPGIMG_0813.JPGIMG_0814.JPGmbhill_20090627_4507.JPGmbhill_20090627_4511.JPGmbhill_20090627_4515.JPGmbhill_20090627_4532.JPGmbhill_20090627_4540.JPGmbhill_20090627_4556.JPGIMG_0818.JPGIMG_0822.JPGIMG_0826.JPGIMG_0829.JPGIMG_0833.JPGIMG_0835.JPGIMG_0837.JPGmbhill_20090627_4562.JPG

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5 Responses to Sam’ Race Car Party

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    Renee says:

    You really know how to throw a party. I love the cake and the cardboard box car.

    Btw, when did Adam start looking like a little boy and not a baby?

  3. 3

    It is commendable!,the mind behind this awesome party..

  4. 4
    Jo says:

    Impressive cake!! Remind your kiddos before you visit NOT to talk to my kiddos about birthday parties. Mine don’t know what they’re missing out on and I want to keep it that way. 🙂
    Seriously, you have a gift for the birthday party planning–this is great stuff!

  5. 5
    Michele Ramsey says:

    Fun stuff! Great job on the cake. I’m impressed with all the fun games and activities.

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