Happy Birthday Dude

Monday June 22, 2009

How in the world did this happen?

I can’t believe it, but Sam is 4.   The birthday is today, but the party is Saturday, so we’ve had much back and forth about what is happening when.  When it finally sunk in that his special day was today, he said, “You mean it’s my birthday the WHOLE ENTIRE DAY?  All the way until I go to sleep at night?”  It was too cute.  He was treated like a rockstar all day long, except for the morning where he was forced to endure swim lessons.  We went to McDonald’s for lunch and even got Happy Meals, which rarely happens, so you know that was a treat.  Then wiled away the afternoon until daddy came home around 5pm.

We never said a word about presents and I was so impressed, he never asked!  A week or so ago I asked him what he wanted for his birthday.  He thought for a minute and then said, “I can’t really think of anything.”  Wowser.  I’m praying that continues.

Around 5:30, I quickly wrapped and brought down his two gifts and he was overjoyed to get them.  We bought him a race car track called BluTrack (free form track for Hot Wheel racing), and a Fortamajig and Connectibles (nylon fabric for freeform fort making).    The fort stuff didn’t seem that appealing in the packaging, but he was stoked to set up the race track.  The whole fam had a blast racing cars on it – I think it will be a big hit.

For dinner, we ate the celebratory meal Sam requested – hotdogs.  I tried to dress it up with  corn on the cob, broccoli salad, and baked beans (we also added hamburgers to the menu for the grown-ups).  For dessert we had cake – not a fancy birthday cake, but rather Aunt Melissa’s leftover Father’s Day cake ;).  It was yummy so he didn’t complain, especially since we’ll have the official birthday cake at the party on Saturday.

All in all, it was a good day for my big-little boy and I can’t believe another year has flown by.

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    Jo says:

    I can’t believe he’s 4!! Happy b’day to the big guy!!
    (And so sweet how excited he was at it being his birthday THE WHOLE DAY). 🙂

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