Happy Easter!

Monday April 13, 2009

We had a nice Resurrection Sunday.  We managed to get the kids up and everyone out of the house by 7:35 to make the 8am service at church.  It was really powerful and really good!  Our pastor is doing a 4 week series on “How I Met Jesus” and is focusing on how different people in the Bible were changed by their encounter with Christ.  The sermon concluded with “cardboard testimonies” where members of the church shared how God had changed their lives.  It was moving.  The sermon & series can be listened to or viewed online here (the correct video may not be available until Tues).

Anywho, early church means we were done by and home before 10am.  The kids checked out their Easter basket loot and hung out until we went over to B & M’s for lunch/Easter dinner  (what do you call that meal?  supper? dinner?).  Mel cooked a delicious spread and we had a nice afternoon together with them and Granddad.   Here’s the pictorial evidence of our Easter (also check out Bs photos):

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One Response to Happy Easter!

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    Renee says:

    Those cardboard signs were very moving!

    Great pictures even if the boys didn’t cooperate.

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