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Tuesday December 30, 2008

Like many others, we visited the US Botanic Gardens this holdiay season to check out their “Windows to Wonderland” exhibit – featuring beaucoup trains and other cool stuff.  It is open daily from 10am — 5pm and the exhibit runs through January 4th.

However, on Tuesdays, the Gardens are open until 8pm, so this was the perfect time for our family to go.  I’ve heard it’s very crowded on weekends, but we went the Tuesday before Christmas, around 6:30pm and it wasn’t bad at all.

It was a little late for Adam to be out, but we just bundled him in his jammies and strapped him on.  As usual, he was just happy to be along for the ride.

The train exhibit is really cool – so much detail to see and take in, I’m sure we missed most of it.

The rest of the gardens are nice.   Wendy wanted to take pictures of all the exotic plants.

(you know, like poinsettias).

In addition to the train display, the recreations of famous DC monuments is not to be missed.  Everything is made using natural plant materials and the detail is unbelievable.

We also enjoyed checking out the “Plants in Culture” exhibit in the West Gallery, where you could see different plants &  herbs and learn about the role they play in society (like lavender, cumin, mint, etc. in various forms).   It is a multi-sensory exhibit with lots of hands on touching and smelling.

On our way out, we enjoyed the music of a jazz quartet playing in the courtyard.  Check out this clip of Wendy groovin to the music:

I can’t wait to submit it to “So You Think You Can Dance” (or maybe AFV?)

So, if you get a chance – check out this exhibit, preferably on a less crowded Tuesday evening.

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