Happy Halloweeny!

Friday October 31, 2008

I know some don’t, but we definitely celebrate Halloween and had a great time with it today.

It started with the “Let’s Pretend Parade” at preschool (the Christian program doesn’t celebrate “Halloween”, technically).   Today was not a day Wendy normally attends school, but we came for the parade and she got to stay with her class, which she loved.

Before the parade started, Adam put on his own parade of cuteness.

Sam got to sit with and parade with Wendy.   I love that they love each other and want to share special occasions like this.

This is her class.  On the far left is Miss Celina (aka Pocahontas).   Mr. Jason (aka lacrosse player) is on the far right.  Wendy loves school and her teachers seem to be doing a great job with the kids.

I guess I should officially announce what everyone was for Halloween.

Wendy was adamant that she wanted to be Queen Esther from the Bible (by way of Veggie Tales).  I found her costume at Cracker Barrel.

Sam liked my suggestion to be a lion.  Roar!

And Adam had no problems with my selection of “Oatmeal Bear”.

Our evening consisted of attending a neighborhood party before heading out to trick-or-treat. Here’s the crew before we walked over.

M. always does a wonderful job hosting and it is fun to see all the neighbor kids dressed up.

We walked around our neighborhood and Wendy & Sam had a blast collecting their loot.  I thought Sam would be shy and reserved, but he had no problem racing up to the door and proclaiming, “Trick or Treat!”  It was so fun to watch them revel in the excitement – such fun memories.

Adam came along for the ride, but he was quickly comatose, and then fell asleep in the stroller.

Mrs. Schneider is our neighbor across the street.  She is always doting on the kids and tried to give us just about every piece of candy she had left.

Mrs. O’Rourke is another neighbor who came to the door wearing a fancy mask.  I love seeing all the generations get into the fun of things.

Finally, we returned home and inspected the loot.

I showed the kids how to catalog the goodies (taking a mental inventory of all the things I liked best).  They were content to eat only two pieces (not to mention all the goodies they had earlier) and went to bed without too much complaining.    They’ve been down for an hour or so now and I’m pleased to report I’ve only stolen two pieces out of their stash (so far).

All in all – it was a wonderful day!


2 Responses to Happy Halloweeny!

  1. 1
    Michele Ramsey says:

    What fun. I love Wendy’s Queen Esther costume.

  2. 2
    Renee says:

    Great costumes. I love the Queen Esther costume.


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