Maine – Day 6 – aka Homeward Bound

Sunday July 13, 2008

I’m blogging about our trip to Maine – if you missed the beginning, catch up here.

It’s Saturday and time to head out. I packed up our bags, we said our good-byes and hit the road mid-morning.

Good-bye Myles! We loved seeing you guys and thank you so much for your hospitality! We look forward to having you visit us soon back in our neck of the woods.

We got away at a good time and made good progress driving. The plan was to go about 5+ hours and stop in White Plains, NY overnight. I didn’t think I could handle doing the whole trip in one day, so I found a nice hotel layover in. We made good time with just 1 stop for lunch and one quick stop to refuel the baby and arrived at our hotel around 4pm.

We checked in and put on suits and decided to check out the pool. It was small, and a bit too deep for Wendy to stand in, but we still had fun splashing around and “getting our crazies out.” After a swim break, we changed and went out for dinner. I survived TGIFridays with two slightly cranky preschoolers and then drove around the area just a bit. I realized that I had actually been in this area before for a dog show with Logan, many moons ago, pre-kids.

It was 7pm and I was basically killing time so I wouldn’t have two wild children and one tired baby to deal with in the hotel room. I was slightly dreading getting everyone quiet and asleep when Wendy started crying from the back of the van. “I miss Daddy!” She wailed. “I want to go home and see Daddy!” Apparently, she didn’t want to wait one more night to see her Daddy and suddenly, I didn’t either.

I told the kids if they hurried and got their jammies on and brushed their teeth, we would drive home and see Daddy. So, I drove back to the hotel, got everyone prepped for bed, checked out at the lobby and we hit the road at 8pm! It’s true, I ended up spending $100+ for a 4 hour layover and didn’t even get to try out the free continental breakfast (dang it!), but I was excited to have the driving over with. The idea of driving at night with sleeping kids and less traffic was also immensely appealing.

We made great time getting back and only had to stop and refuel once (in NJ where the gas is cheap and pumped for you). We arrived in front of our house at 12:15am and got to surprise a sleeping Daddy.  Please don’t do any math involving mileage and drive times … I don’t want anyone to call the po-po on me 😉

So, we made it safely home and are now trying to get back into the swing of things. Today I was a “take it easy” kind of day and we’ll jump back into summer with more swim lessons starting tomorrow.

If you ever get a chance to go to Maine, I highly recommend it. Even better if you can stay with someone as gracious and hospitable as our friends! 🙂

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