Maine – Day 5

Sunday July 13, 2008

I’m blogging about our trip to Maine – if you missed the beginning, catch up here.

It was Friday — our last full day in Maine. Since the weather wasn’t quite as nice (aka cloudy and 70 .. ha!), we decided this was a good day to take a ferry boat ride and check out downtown Portland.

We road the ferry boat to Peaks Island and then turned around and road it back again. We decided that the boat ride was entertainment enough and that there wouldn’t be too much to amuse the kids with on the island itself. The boat ride was a blast and we even saw a seal (sea lion?) swimming in the water – unfortunately I didn’t have my camera out to take a pic.

Some of the sights:

Another ferry to a different island

I forget which lighthouse this is (Jo?)

Approaching the island

Deboarding (unboarding? deplaning?)

Our motley crew

On our way back

When we got back to shore, we took a short walk to have lunch a O Naturals – a funky healthy “fast food” joint in Portland. It was delicious and had a neat little play area for kids. The building used to be a bank, so the play area was actually inside an old vault (with the doors open of course!). I guess I should have taken a picture of that..

We came home for naps and then finished out the afternoon just playing around the house. Riding bikes & trikes, playing on the jungle gym and lots of playing “Monster”. It was fun to see the kids just being kids.

Let’s get ready to ruuuuummmmble!

Peak-a-boo Dani!

Nothing like a quesadilla dinner to finish out the day.

Homestretch – read about going home on Day 6

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