Maine – Day 4

Sunday July 13, 2008

I’m blogging about our trip to Maine – if you missed the beginning, catch up here.

All week, the weather has been sunny and beautiful. When the weather is that nice, how can you help but go to the beach?

This time we hit Pine Point beach. This is a great beach b/c it has little waves that are just enough to have fun in but not *too* scary. All the kids had a great time and even Adam was content to conk out in the stroller this time. Here’s some pics from the morning.

The kids had a blast running away from the waves

Jumping on them as they came in was another favorite activity

After the beach in the morning, we came back to the house for lunch and naps. After everyone was rested, we decided to return to Smiling Hill Farm. They have animals to pet and a fun play area that we didn’t play in last time because we ran out of time.

“John Deere-A-Saurus”

From here, we stopped off at a pizza joint for a quick dinner, then met up with Larry and went to hear a free concert in the park. Apparently this singer (Don Campell) was hugely popular, so there was quite a crowd. Other than one scary incident of losing Sam briefly, it was a great time for the kids to run around and play and enjoy some music.

On losing Sam — he let go of my hand and I foolishly didn’t pay attention to see why (we were saying hello to some of Jo’s friends). He then ran away towards an awning at the perimeter of the park. Fortunately, I spotted him running back towards our general direction, clearly distraught because he couldn’t find us. When I caught up to him he told me, “I was just trying to get my crazies out, Momma.” That was something we had promised the kids all through dinner. “When we get to the park, you can run and get your crazies out.” Yikes. I thank the Lord that we found each other quickly – it could have been really difficult to locate him – there were easily over 1,000 people there and also a big pond that he could have wandered into. You can be sure I kept a sharp eye on him after that.

Read on to Day 5 (almost done!)

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