Dissecting the Frog Party

Sunday June 22, 2008

So, I like themed birthday parties. We’ve done construction, butterflies, ladybugs, and monkeys in the past. I’m not big on commercial themed parties (ala Disney Princesses or Dora, etc.) and I like the challenge of using my creativity to come up with fun tie-ins to theme.  With that in mind, I’m sharing the following, in case it helps anyone else out there looking for frog party ideas.

Usually I start my party planning by searching the web to see what others have done. Some of my favorite sources are usually: Family Fun and Coolest Kid Birthdays. Sometimes I find inspiration on Martha’s site too (tho she’s usually too complicated for my taste).

Now that I’ve armed you with the knowledge that none of my ideas are original, let me share what we did for our party.

Let me preface my remarks, by saying, I was trying to make this party a little greener (yuk yuk yuk). As I planned for this party, I tried to make choices that would result in less waste, less stuff, and less expense for me. So here’s what we did:

The Basic Idea -the simple plan was to have a backyard BBQ with water fun.


I bought a cute Frog Balloon at a party store and that was about it. I bought a couple of pre-painted frogs at Michaels for about 50 cents and put them out on the table, along with some stuffed frogs we already had. I made use of a green tablecloth I already had, along with some other items that I already had on hand – like generic Chinette plates, plastic ware and cups all from Costco. I did get some smaller green cups that were more kiddie sized at a party store.


We ordered BBQ from a local joint. It was super yummy. By ordering the main food and asking wonderful family members to help with a dish or two, I really only had to make a couple of things myself. For drinks, we did jugs of water and lemonade, along with some 2 liter sodas I already had left over from another party. I felt jugs would be more economical and less waste of water bottles. I didn’t foresee how popular those jugs would be with the kids who wanted to serve themselves.

Party Menu:

* pulled pork
* pulled chicken
* cole slaw
* mac ‘n cheese
* baked beans
* cornbread casserole
* greek salad
* veggie platter
* watermelon

Oh yeah, and a frog cake & cupcakes.

The frog cake is a Wilton design that uses the butterfly cake pan, which was awesome cuz I had that left over from our butterfly party. The cupcakes were inspired by the examples on this site. Some people said they used sliced marshmellows for the eyes, but I found Mentos worked well. I made both because my cake recipe said it only served 12 and we had about 40 people coming. They did take a while to make, but the effort was worth it because they looked so dang cute! I couldn’t have done it without help from my hubby.


Water was the theme. We had a slip n slide and kiddie pool with various water squirters (the tubes were a big hit). We also had a bubble station set up, with one of those automated bubble machines. It was really cool, but I should have bought more bubble juice for it. We also had some hippity hops to drive home the frog-hopping fun.

We also had a kid-sized table set-up with stickers and markers and treat bags. Kids could decorate their treat bag for a “frog hunt” to be held later.

Party Itinerary

As people arrived, the kids gravitated immediately to the water stuff, while adults chatted. Once most everyone had arrived, I gave everyone the 411 on the food and activities. We prayed to bless the food and people played and ate as they felt led. No real structure. After a while we did the cake & singing, then opened gifts. After the gifts, we were winding things down. I had the kids grab their treat bags and line up by the fence. While we had played in the backyard, a friend spread plastic frogs out in the front yard for a frog hunt. We let the littles go first, to make sure everyone got some. All the kids big and old had fun hunting. In addition to the frogs they found, I gave them all a stretchy frog.

That was it for treat bag goodies. Kinda lame, I guess, as far as treat bags go, but I get sick of the crap my kids bring home, so I was determined to keep it minimal. I got my treat bags from the party store, and the frog from OTC. I was able to combine my order with some other moms in my neighborhood to save on shipping and prevent myself from buying too much crap.

So that was our party. My son had a blast and I had a ball creating the memory for him. Maybe it will provide some froggy inspiration for someone else in cyberspace.

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3 Responses to Dissecting the Frog Party

  1. 1
    Lora Lynn says:

    Brilliant. Above and beyond what I would ever dare to attempt. So glad there are mamas like you out in the world. Maybe some day my kids can come to one of your parties so they won’t completely miss out!

  2. 2
    Renee says:

    Wow Kendra! Sounds like you did a great job on the party. I love the frog hunt/gift bag idea. That cake and cupcakes are so adorable. (I love frogs.) Way to go Mike for staying up late to help you. We don’t do it very often, but Chris and I actually like to bake together. Maybe we (he) should try some fancy decorating.

  3. 3
    Brittany says:

    I am doing my daughters first birthday theme as frog princess. I have looked all over for a frog cake and bumped into this website. Your cake came out so cute that I think I am gonna give it a try. Thank you for the inspiration!


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