Dunham Funham

Tuesday May 6, 2008

“Funham”: a whole lot of fun and mayhem all mixed together.

(I just made that up).

We just had a great 10 days with the “Montana Cousins.” The MT Cousins, formerly the San Diego cousins. We used to fly out yearly to visit them in Cali, but then they moved to Montana and I wasn’t sure when we’d see them again. Well they made the trek east and we had a great time together. Karen is Mike’s sister and she and Brad have five kids, ages 12 to 5.

They spent the first week with the Grands in Alexandria, and then the last few days, they spent down at the “country house.” Our kids had a blast with them, and vice versa. While up in the DC area, we hit some monuments and museums. While out in the country, we made like country folk and spent plenty of time out in the fields and on tractors.

I’ve uploaded a ton of pictures in our Picasa Gallery. My dad also uploaded some in his gallery (my folks wanted a chance to visit with everyone too, so Adam & I caught a ride in their RV . Nice way to travel!). Hopefully Karen will blog about their trip too and maybe even Grandma R will upload her pics to the interweb 😉  Here’s a small taste of the fun we had:


One Response to Dunham Funham

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    Shannon says:

    I can’t believe how much Wendy looks like her cousins! I could barely tell her apart from the other girls!


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