The Gingerbread House

Sunday December 23, 2007

I have fond memories of decorating a homemade gingerbread house at Christmas time. I remember using graham crackers and a pint-sized milk carton to create the body, but I thought it would be easier if we used a store-bought Wilton kit. The kit included the gingerbread sides & roof, all ready to assemble, along with frosting mix (just add water) and assorted candies.

Note to any moms of little ones – if you are planning on undertaking this effort, I suggest reading the WHOLE directions before beginning.

The kids were salivating as I opened the candy packages and put them into bowls. I had to keep reminding them to keep their paws off while I attempted to read the instructions. I went and made the icing in the mixer and came back to assemble. Wendy helped me hold the sides up as I “glued” them together with frosting, asking every 15 seconds if we could decorate it. With Mike’s help we got the roof on. THEN I read in the instructions the part that says “let set and dry for 2-3 hours.” Yikes – that wasn’t going to fly with this crew …

So we proceeded to frost and decorate away. The frosting was hard to spread and the structural integrity of the house was definitely in jeopardy. The kids needed a little guidance about where and how to put the candy on, but overall, they had a great time. Even though our finished product doesn’t come close to resembling the picture on the package, we had a fun time.

Here’s a few pics of the fruit of our labor:


One Response to The Gingerbread House

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    Lora Lynn says:

    Super cute. And you are brave to attempt such a thing. I’d rather poke my eyes out with a spoon.


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