December Doings

Sunday December 23, 2007

I added some pictures to our December gallery. Look there to see all the pics, but here some of the things we’ve been doing to keep busy:

We have a kiddie tree and a grown-up tree. The “big” tree is also known as “OFF LIMITS”, all the ornaments on it are “NO TOUCH” (in theory, anyway..). But the kids are allowed to handle and play with the ornaments on their tree, as long as they keep them at the table and are gentle. So far, they’ve managed to destroy 6 of their ornaments and one of mine, but overall, I’m happy that things have stayed relatively sane. Here’s Wendy decorating the kiddie tree:

The “OFF LIMITS” tree:

We also started an advent chain. The idea is that each day has a verse and we would do a family devotional around that verse. In actuality, it’s been hard to get to done each night, although the kids love tearing off the chains. Sometimes we skip a few days and have a few days to make-up for, but it has been a helpful, visual tool to seeing how long til Christmas.

Mike has been trying to keep the Christmas story interesting, so he’s had the kids act out some of the verses we’re reading. Here Wendy & Sam play Mary and Joseph:

One day we baked Christmas cookies (they loved it, I was exhausted):

Here’s a shot of the kids craft table, decked out for Christmas:

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