Our First Trip to the ER

Thursday April 26, 2007

We went to a playground this afternoon. Sam was climbing on one of those rope ladder thingees (actually it was metal rungs and chains) – it wasn’t very high, maybe only 3 rungs. I was marvelling at his climbing ability – he about to climb onto the platform when he got distracted by something and lost balance and toppled backwards -smacking his head on the metal post at the bottom.

I jumped up and scooped him up and I could tell he was truly hurt from the way he was crying and when I put my hand to his head, it was bloody. I started freaking out, my mind was racing, trying to figure out what to do. I got Wendy and was trying to decide if we needed to all go to the ER or what, when some moms helped me out. One was an ER nurse and another lived across the street. She got some hydrogen peroxide to clean it up and the nurse agreed that it wasn’t bad, but he probably needed staples. Sam calmed down after about 5minutes and was totally fine, it was me who kept tearing up on the drive home.

All of this happened around 5pm. Mike met me at home and took Wendy and Logan off my hands. I got some snacks and Sam & I headed to the ER (thankfully only 5 minutes away). Once we got there, we were there for about 2 hours and he ended up with 3 staples. He was such a champ! He was cheerful and easy-going the whole time, happily munching goldfish and exploring every corner of the exam room. He did cry when they injected the numbing stuff, but that was it!

I brought him home and Wendy met him at the door with a big hug. She and daddy had been baking cookies and she was even willing to share the batter spoon with him! Later, I found the two of them rolling around tackling each other upstairs, so I guess he’s going to be okay. LOL

The only question now is, how do I stop lurching out of my seat everytime he wobbles?

Here are the pics:


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