Happy New Year

Friday January 14, 2005

Wendy is almost 14 months!

She has started taking some real steps and it is so fun to see her play. She still isn’t sure that walking is a better mode of transportation so she will crawl when she wants to get somewhere fast. But if she is crawling somewhere and I say “Wendy, stand up and walk!”, she will pull her feet up under her and stand up and take a few steps. It is so cute.

Right now she loves saying “baa” (ball) and “ut-oh”. She loves balls and everytime she sees one she feels compelled to report it. Ball. Ball? Ball! (She reminds us of the sea gulls in Finding Nemo that repeat “Mine” “Mine” “Mine”). It can be a question, and exclamation or a statement of fact.

Wendy has learned where her nose and belly are. If you say where’s your belly? She will scratch her belly and say “Beaa Beaa Beaa” (Belly Belly Belly) – this the routine we do when I change her, I tickle her belly and say “Belly Belly Belly”. She will also point to her nose. We are working on hair and eyes and ears now.

What a fun age!

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