Wendy Turns One – What Fun!

Sunday December 5, 2004

Yay! Our little girl has reached the one year mark. Where did the year go? We had a mini-birthday party celebration with family at Thanksgiving. Wendy got her first cake. She didn’t act as excited as she does when sees bananas, but she did wolf it all down. Check out the pictures of our cutie in the November album,

One year milestones and accomplishments:
– still not walking, but cruising with ease
– another tooth (lower left)
– favorite words: Baa (ball), Mamamama, Dadadada, Dat (that), huh, nunununun (no)
– blinks, shakes her head side to side, blows raspberries for amusement
– blows kisses
– finished nursing, drinks whole milk from sippy cup
– still takes 2 naps (most days)
– loves to celebrate her accomplishments with vigorous shrieks and claps (will also start clapping if she hears cheers/applause on tv)
– loves to stand *ON* her push toy and balance precariously while clapping her hands

One Response to Wendy Turns One – What Fun!

  1. 1
    Daddy says:

    Wendy, this past weekend you started eating your food like an aligator thrashes at its prey, like a furious amazon woman, like a raptor snatching its prey! Sound effects included.


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