Wendy – the One Tooth Wonder

Friday July 23, 2004

Wendy is 8 months today! Not too many updates since I posted her 7 month update (a mere 4 days ago).

She is closer to saying mama – although technically, she prefers to say “nah nah”, I’m sure she means “mama” (yeah right). She is starting to do her best impression of the army crawl. I can imagine an invisible rope just 12″ off the ground, which she diligently stays under by keeping on her elbows and wiggling her hips. She is getting very determined to get places and my poor cleaning skills are soon going to give me real problems as she is putting every piece of lint, pebble, etc. she finds on the floor in her mouth.

One Response to Wendy – the One Tooth Wonder

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    Greg Pewett says:

    What a cutie!


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